Deer Viewing

Wednesday, February 01, 2006

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Welcome to DeerView Mirror�

Welcome to DeerView Mirror�: "Want To Increase Your Hunting Success And Safety?
You Can With The DeerView Mirror�
The Buck Stops Here With A DeerView Mirror�

Welcome to DeerView Mirror�. When deer hunting, how many times has that big buck sneaking up behind you gotten away? Well now it is a thing of the past! No more excuses!

If you drive, you already know how the DeerView Mirror� works. Properly adjusted it gives you 360� of viewing. The first thing you think about is probably the glare of the sun, but glare is not a factor because the mirror is angled downward toward the ground. It’s self–camouflaging, reflecting only your hunting environment. Most important, it let’s you know when YOU can make YOUR move! This is one piece of hunting equipment that you don’t want to be without!
Bow hunter in tree stand using a Deerview Mirror�"